Consumer Brand Style Guide

The Tone


Garmin is a company of engineers. But we can’t just speak from our insider perspective about the products we make. We have to relate to the people who use our products by speaking to them in an approachable manner. In a general sense, we should not sound like a stereotypical announcer. We should sound knowledgeable and trusted but also have a personable, next-door neighbor vibe that makes consumers feel like we are talking “with” them, not “at” them.

The Garmin voice is on trend, smart, relatable and confident. Because we speak to a broad base of consumers and specific niche markets, it is important to understand the tonal nuances for each business segment.

Icon depicting a microphone.
Talk “with” the consumer,
not “at” the consumer.


Motivational. Encouraging.

We want people to know that they can “do a little more” each and every day with our help. The fitness level of a particular target audience will be different, depending on the product being advertised. While that may change the content of what’s being communicated, the tone of voice remains the same. In an approachable manner, we are not communicating the product features. We are communicating the benefits or what those features mean to the person who uses them.


Friendly. Informed.

We want to sound like the friend whose opinion and experience you can actually trust; someone who will help customers make tough decisions. We’re either the fishing buddy who is going to help you outfit your inland fishing boat or the old salt at the marina who can help you decide on the best setup for your fishing yacht, cruiser or sailboat.


Experienced. Analytical.

We’re leaders, and we speak with friendly authority — pilot to pilot — like a knowledgeable flight instructor or chief pilot. Yet we’re still passionate about aviation and the extensive capabilities of our avionics. We not only aspire to help pilots make correct product decisions for their aircraft but also to help them fly more safely, efficiently and enjoyably.


Knowledgeable. Reassuring.

We want to convey confidence through natural, conversational tone. Garmin is a weathered adventure guide who can talk gear with the best of them, but what he/she does best is instill confidence in the adventurer that everything is going to be all right. You (adventurer) concentrate on seeing something, learning something or hunting something; I (Garmin) will keep you on the trail or get you back to your truck when you’re done.


Approachable. On trend.

The voice of PND needs to sound forward-thinking and trendy. The target audience for this business segment skews older, which needs to be counterbalanced with a younger, tech-savvy yet conversational voice. This is a friendly passenger, someone who can lighten the mood on a boring drive with a witty one-liner and also instill confidence and a sense of direction in an unfamiliar place.

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