Consumer Brand Style Guide

The Iconography


Garmin iconography is used to simplify our messaging and provide a supporting visual communication of a feature or product. All icons should be pulled from the designated library, and new icons should not be created outside of headquarters. The iconography style should remain consistent across segments and mediums, and there should never be two different icons used to represent the same feature. Garmin iconography conveys precision, innovation and accuracy. The design is current and on trend.


Every new icon is designed in a similar style. It must follow the look and feel of pre-existing icons and match the line style, weight and artistry. Each icon needs to maintain as close to a square format as possible. This gives us consistency and can be used in almost any layout scenario.


Each icon is designed to provide more context around a feature or concept. It should be used as a graphical representation and should not be overly complicated. Icons can help provide meaning or definition but should be used in conjunction with copy.

Icons should not fall below 5 mm or 0.2" in size. To size up, scale the stroke along with the size.


New icon requests should go through the marketing communications department at corporate headquarters.