Consumer Brand Style Guide

The Messaging


Our messaging is inclusive, relatable and authentic. Garmin is a global brand serving customers in 55 countries. Our in-house creative team ensures that the language used in marketing materials is meaningful and respectful to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Prior to publication, all marketing copy must pass our standard creative, proofing, legal and engineering review process.

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The language used in marketing materials is meaningful and respectful to our customers.


No matter the driver or their destination, we provide products that fuel our customers’ sense of adventure. Our messaging comes from a confident navigator. No matter the twists and turns, we always know where to go. Our voice is assured and always up for adventure. We let you take the wheel but provide directions and advice right when you need it. Our goal is to make people feel excited when they get behind the wheel and confident in our ability to keep them informed and oriented.


There’s nothing on Earth like being in the air. Our messaging comes from a trusted co-pilot. We share our audience’s love of flying and know the ins and outs of aviation. Our voice is grounded but always looking up. The aviation geek in us can’t help but shine through. Our goal is to speak with pilots at their level while lifting up those around us.


We welcome every type of cyclist into the pack — because we know we’re stronger together. Our messaging comes from the leader of the peloton. Someone who’s always down for a ride and is full of helpful tips and stories of epic two-wheeled adventures. Our voice is a passionate, knowledgeable one that shows that we’re just as obsessed with cycling as our audience. Our goal is to help and inspire riders to never stop cycling.

Exploration and Adventure

Engrained in all outdoor adventurers — regardless of ability or background — is the shared desire to discover and to break perceived limits. Our messaging is told from the perspective of the intrepid explorer — a seasoned adventurer who lives to push boundaries and to see the unseen. Our voice is strong, aspirational and seasoned. We don’t boast. We challenge. Our goal is to instill a person with the spirit of adventure.

Fishing and Hunting

Together, we are all linked by one unifying experience: the love of the outdoors. Our messaging revolves around the appreciation and reverence for what nature has to offer, whether that’s the thrill of the hunt or the joy of seeing your child catch their first fish. Our voice is confident, natural and conversational. We never glorify. We honor. Our goal is to kindle or rekindle a deep love of nature.


For any golfer looking to gain an edge, we’ve got your game. Our messaging comes from a patient caddy. We’ve walked every course and seen every stroke — but keep coming back for a love of the game. Our voice would rather be golfing. We strive to improve our game, but we always have fun doing it. Our goal is to celebrate golf as an open, accessible game where a desire to get on the green is all you need to play.

Health and Fitness

No matter who you are or where you live, every day is a chance to beat yesterday. Our messaging stems from the universal belief that treating your body well and listening to it attentively will help lead to a healthier you. Our voice is reassuring, motivational and educational. We don’t shame. We inspire. Our goal is to instill healthy fitness habits and a deep love for what every body is capable of.


We are passionate about spending time on the water, and we welcome any and all who enjoy it. Our messaging comes from an experienced co-captain who has seen it all and still aspires to see more. Because a day on the water is unpredictable in all the best ways. Our voice is confident yet relaxed. We're well-informed and willing to share everything we've learned along the way. Our goal is to validate this way of life and encourage all to plot their paradise.


We're not exclusive or limiting. We welcome first-timers and Boston marathoners. Our messaging comes from a friend in their running group — chitchatting and storytelling and commiserating when the hills (or speedwork) gets tough. Our voice is authentic and relatable. We motivate but never preach. Our goal is to keep it real and celebrate every milestone of every runner — no matter pace, distance or experience level.

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